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Your full service Interior specialist
With pride, knowledge and commitment we transform client requirements into well considered, inspiring total solutions for urban, retail and working environments
DE BIJENKORF | Amsterdam Three different shoe departments, each with its own look-and-feel. We delivered this project at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Within the sneaker, Ladies' Shoes and Men's Shoes departments of this iconic department store, hundreds of luxurious brand label shoes are presented on Hemlock furniture. BIJENKORF | Amsterdam


  1. We are acting from our client’s perspective: in design, execution and operation. In cooperation with our partners, we provide solutions that seamlessly fit the client’s actual needs.
  2. We are proud of the results we jointly actualize, which contribute to the success of our clients
  3. The receptive and critical attitude we foster among each other and our maximal effort, enable us to continuously improve our own performance, as well as the results we deliver for our clients
  4. Our knowledge and experience of materials, production and maintenance, enables us to advise our clients to actualize results of maximum quality within the budget.
  5. With our high standards for service and flexibility, we anticipate on the demanding and dynamic environment in which our clients operate.
  6. We contribute to a positive impact on our natural resources, by involving our partners and clients in minute considerations on this topic in design and production.
  7. We are interested in the concerns of our partners in the production chain; we help each other. You can count on us as being sincere, assertive and accountable.
Pana Bar | Schiphol Airport