Hospitality on tram

Client: GVB

Since January 2017 GVB is using their first ‘open service desk’ in one of their trams. This desk is the new workplace for the conductors and replaces the well known ‘closed cabin’. The purpose of GVB is to increase the user-friendliness of the tram and higher service to travelers. In the past year Hemlock has been working closely with its project team in design, development and engineering. The multi-functionality of this desk workstations, along with the several tram-engineering, ergonomics, very limited space, sustainability and safety made this a decent, but certainly unique challenge!

Two pieces of these HEMLOCK-counters there are now produced and assembled in trams on line 1 and line 2. The first service counter in line 1 is officially, attended by the press (see METRO, AT5 and PAROOL). For several months the counters will be tested extensively. End of may 2017 GVB  will evaluate the test and it will become clear whether more service desks are needed.